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You simply get three months of your membership free. This might be slightly different for different people, but we had awful luck on Second of all, we tried to get the three months free because we didn’t meet anyone on, and they never even pretended to give us our money back. We definitely didn’t meet anyone we wanted to go out with in our entire time on the site.American Express is a credit card company that offers lines of credit, personal credit cards and business credit cards to customers with above average credit scores and histories.There are various cards to choose from, including the Premier Rewards Gold Card, Platinum Card and Green Card.Contact phone numbers for American Express customer service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The official website located at https:// can answer many of your questions.

While 15 million is a lot for America, for example, it’s not very many when you remember that most of those are from Southeast Asia and are trying to scam you out of your money instead of sleeping with you.

Speaking of “untrue,” that’s the source of the “15 million members” lie.

They’re not even sugar coating, they’re just completely untrue.

This site is a scam wrapped in a scam with scam sauce on top, wedged between greasy buns—except without the greasy buns.

Actually, greasy buns would have made this website a lot more interesting.

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