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He started in the biz by making porno VHS tapes for personnel use with his GF's at the time.

After he made some coin from Dentistry he started "First Time Videos" or FTV and then started to pay models. At first I thought the delays were just a matter of laziness.

The video has us fucking in the bedroom and the bathroom, her showing off her flexibility, and me fucking her twice, with a rather large orgasmic blast on her stomach. And yes, I did love her long labia, it made sex feel even better.

Actually this is exactly how it all started when he was in dental school.

Either the investigation is still ongoing or nothing illegal actually happened and he’s struggling to get his property back from the cops.

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Speaking of FTV drama, Melody on ADT seems to keep saying too much and editing her posts later, she said recently that the site planned for a 5th "extreme" update for her on FTV "that got lost" and "still trying to recover it", she deleted that statement hours later. When I first met Claire, she was a friend of Kennedy's, who was my girlfriend at the time.Maricopa DA's office is fapping to the Claire vids. FTV will be forced to shut down after Rod is sentenced. What is that about fool me once, no twice, hey really, third time's a charm... At the rate we're going some of these women will be grandmothers before FTVX goes live (you may laugh but the oldest vids were produced in early 2007, 11 years ago!He is the principle photographer and webmaster and even though Melody is doing what she can its the begining of the end. )NVM I was wrong, it looks like something else was edited, the part about content getting lost/getting it back is still there.I ended up shooting a girl-girl of the two girls a little later; and it only made her more 'curious' about me.She had a pretty lame boyfriend at the time, but once Kennedy broke up with me to go to LA and become a porn star, she made her move.

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