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Singing, building, decorating, beauty, athletics, and dancing gave pleasure and “entertainment” because the participants not only accomplished the acts but became spectacles to themselves—and to others, their equals and fellow-citizens, who had done just the same activities.Republican entertainments might often take the form of the contest or the demonstration.that television will be more than it is: that it will not only sit in every home, but make a conduit for those homes to reach back to a shared fund of life.

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Do better yet; let the spectators become an entertainment to themselves; let them become actors themselves; do it so each sees and loves himself in the others so that all will be better united.So you make notes to your criminal self: never voluntarily submit to a search.But it doesn’t take long to realize that, in the situation, you wouldn’t remember all you’d learned watching ; politeness and hustling would take over.The citizen is not sovereign alone, but sovereign through his activity in a community of peers.The drama, when it was given too much power, crowded out the true entertainments of any republican political community— entertainments whose delights must be rooted in that self-regard and free judgment in daily activity which strengthens the bonds of citizen to citizen.

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