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He was and will always be absolutely precious to me.

Marc was a person of contrasts and contradictions - sometimes he was full of confidence, on top of the world, a go getter, extremely good-looking, charismatic, an amazing musician and gifted artist.

There is a huge hole, agape with unanswered questions. His favorite pass time was to play video games like Minecraft and Kek`s Adventure in Dudesville, so much great times we had together!

I prefer to remember him for the good rater than the bad.

He lived life to the fullest, and he was loved and admired by everyone he touched. After going through some difficult life changes and battling depression for several years, Scott lost all hope for the future and took his own life. The world is an empty place without you in it and we will love and miss you forever...rnrn~Mom, Herb, Lauren, Olivia & Nathaniel.

Scott was a devoted family man who leaves behind his mother, brother, sister, two children, three grandchildren, and many friends and relatives who love him. Ryan Jacob Gasparovich, born 14 September 2001, died 01 March 2015 in Michigan, United States Our Remembrance Cherished Son and beloved little brother.

She was a good artist, and made everyone laugh for days.

I could never replace a sister like my sister Abby. She used to call me brat and I always called her Nerd. Patrick Rassley, born 23 December 1995, died 25 Januiary 2015 in Belgrade, Montana Our Remembrance Patrick was the best person I have ever known.

She had a light inside of her that could be seen from miles by the people who love her.A truly kind and gentle young man, he was a victim of brutal bullying most of his life for his racial heritage, being a descendant of Long Island Native Americans and Virginia African plantation slaves on his father's side, and Central American Native Indians and Central Europeans on his mother's side.His life and death stand as a witness against the evils of racism and bigotry, and in 2009 a binary star system in the Andromeda Constellation, consisting of a blue star and giant red star, was named "Leon & Lydia" in memory of Leon and in honor of his mother Lydia.Kristina Stahl, born 02 June 1977, died 11 September 2002 in Connecticut, USAOur Remembrance Our daughter, Kristina Ann Stahl, died September 11, 2002 at the age of 25.Although an accomplished writer, teacher, coach and All-American athlete, she is remembered for her warmth and compassion for others the most. Kristina brought passion and commitment to teaching English and creative writing.

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