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They either approach too early, too late, fail to make the right eye contact, don’t read the signals properly, or, as in your case, try to put themselves closer and closer to you.Which, as I explained to the man – she will do and if he does things right – she won’t even know she’s doing it. s a woman, breaking the contact first tells men exactly the opposite of what you might believe. Women who look up, left or right are generally showing the signal of not caring, disgust, or are not ready.I do give small smiles but I can’t be sure he notices them. This is where you’ll begin to truly understand the meeting, approaching, staring thing with guys (…and a little more too) and how different men react AND how to make sure the guy you really wants stands out. When a guy gets closer to you or is finding excuses to be around you I call him a lurker.If he’s unsure of what to say, or how to approach you, he thinks it’s more likely to happen if he “accidentally” finds himself talking to you.With that said – the smile is a great place to start but you must also throw in a little extra to guarantee he notices. You can position yourself towards him but turn away a little. Well I dismiss their presumptions because I know the truth 😉 but hey, you know, if it’s what most of them think then I believe it will work. As for waiting on him to make his move – sorry that’s up to you.Which may give him the extra confidence he needs to start a conversation with you. Hopefully what I shared with you and all the wonderful women reading this, you’ll make at least a clearer decision based on your own beliefs and I guess – how bad you want him too.

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(Okay there’s more but the basics cover so many circumstances and you have to start somewhere right. If you’re not Annie and these tips and clues have worked out for you, please let us all know about it below. I hope it brings a little twinkle to your eyes that beckons to him better than any fantasy siren could. I work at a place that employs a lot of younger folks and the men of all ages tend to show interest in me, which usually leaves me stunned.The thing is, I think I may have also developed a small crush. Annieello to you too Annie, I loved your question so much I decided to give a little more. 😀 Two, because so many women have asked questions like this.My question is that, I am quite shy around guys so when I catch him staring at me I always break the stare first because I am too shy to maintain eye contact. I cannot tell if he’s shy or nervous (or interested at all) because I’m always the first to look away. And three because I get to cover some interesting things about guys – you may have never realized before.I cannot tell if he’s shy or nervous (or interested at all) because I’m always the first to look away. Men don’t go “stupid” around women they don’t want unless they are in that “10%” or above I mentioned earlier.I do give small smiles but I can’t be sure he notices them. If you’ve caught him staring he DOES notice the small smiles.

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