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As a mashup of all demographics before it, how then will the future be defined by the absence of this mashup?Essentially, if hipsterdom is to die, then how can a new demographic be born anew without stealing some its tenets, much like all previous generations did before it?I don’t think Adbusters will take too much issue to my reprinting of their article, but if they do I’ll remove it from my website.I’ve already been their anti-advertisement lackey before and probably helped sell dozens of their corporate flags when I was featured in the Sunday Style section of the Washington Post on the 4th of July, 2004.This video by Aaron Michaels highlights the news coverage we generated and documents the message we were advocating.

I posted the info about it last Friday night on My Space.

In this respect, the author makes little room for someone like myself to exist within the rubric of hipsterdom. Or can one be socially conscious while maintaining the decorum of that which the author loathes?

The inherent irony is that many of the clothes the author points out are also clothing items that were not made in a sweatshop.

MORE Students awarded for ‘sustainable designs’ EPA contest showcases environmental technologies MSNBC Updated: p.m.

ET May 18, 2005 Seven teams of university students and professors beat out 65 others in a “sustainability design” competition sponsored by the U. Environmental Protection Agency, presenting technologies that ranged from solar ovens to small wind turbines.

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