Wowtrack not updating who is dewayne wade dating

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As a last ditch effort I uninstalled Wo W and reinstalled it. Any quest(s) I begin do not auto track like they did before.

After completely updating everything and letting Wo W do it's thing My issue was problem was solved. I have to manually open my quest log, highlight a quest and click the Track button at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks Blizz.[quote="170819922273"]I am having the same problem, I've submitted a ticket and what they told me to do helped until I logged out.

Guilds tend to look for players who are in it for the long haul. With Wowtrack, not only do you get a fairly comprehensive history of a player (at least, dating back to Cataclysm), but it displays their accomplishments.Someone who has a history of changing guilds every few weeks might signify a problem. Useful in case you have a suspicion about a player’s guild history .Even if it isn’t, it’s still nice to learn and get a little more background information on a player and their raiding guild history. You know where that character ended up during each raiding tier.I'm am currently only using Gatherer and it isn't causing me any problems as of yet. It is annoying to go in there and hit the track button. I'm at the point of cancelling my account because Blizz is not helping me and this has been going on for YEARS.If you can lend a hand, I would greatly appreciate it. My addons are recount, auctionlite, and combustion helper. I used to be able to depend on Carbonite, but the author admitted that he probably wouldn't have an updated version (current is broken) by the time Warlords is active.

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