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If you are not relaxed, this will come over in your conversation and is a very negative thing to do. It’s so easy and you will be rewarded by speaking to so many lovely women, who want to talk to you.

Above all, have fun and enjoy our free adult phone chat rooms.

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This is my own technique for getting phone numbers and it hasn’t failed me yet – EVER! It’s a fancy psychological term for: she’s interested, she wants to get to know you better, but it looks like you’re trying to leave so she may lose her chance to get the guy or so to speak.

Want to get your hands on my “formula” that shows you how to get women’s phone numbers? I have to go now, give me your phone number so we can continue this conversation another time. Saying you’re going back to your friends or that you’re about to leave creates a sense of URGENCY, a limited timeframe to make the most of an opportunity.

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