Women dating less attractive men

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Everywhere you look, you see men with women that seem out of their league. Do they have some sort of pheromones that are irresistible to women? However, for a woman, a man must have the body and the personality, or else he is unattractive.

For example, for a man, a beautiful woman must simply appear beautiful.

He thus wants to do anything to keep her at his side.

He thus spoils her, from giving her compliments, to giving her small gifts and taking her out on romantic dates.

If you show her what she wants to see, you may actually have a higher chance than the Mick Jagger-type sitting next to her.

Of course, if you’re thinking that women prefer less handsome men because of their personalities, that would be false.

Given the choice between a man who constantly looks around and one who is focused on her, a woman will choose the man who gives her his full attention.

It should come as no surprise: women like to feel like they are the only girl in the world (yes, Rihhanna was not lying).

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As he sees her as a regular woman, he will treat her as such.

Women like to feel like princesses - though they may not want to admit it.

A guy that knows he can pick up any girl from the street will not put as much effort into his relationship as the man who has a harder time getting a date.

So while they are with a girl, they will keep looking around on the side, keeping an eye out to see if a sexier woman passes by.

Women like to feel special: they want to be the apple of their mate's eye.

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