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The lead-up to the French presidential election has been rife with debates over immigration, terrorism and the European Union, but one nonpolitical factor has fascinated the public in France and abroad: the 24-year age gap between Emmanuel Macron, 39, the candidate who will face off against Marine Le Pen on Sunday, and his wife Brigitte, 64. Macron when he was 15 and she was his teacher, married with three children, at a high school in Amiens, France. Macron asked her to help him rewrite sections of a play. Macron moved to Paris to continue his schooling, he declared, at age 17, that he would one day marry his teacher. The specifics of their love have generated headlines, commentary and opinion pieces around the world.

Granted, the back story to their coupledom is unusual, maybe even by the standards of the French, whose current and past leaders have been embroiled in very public romantic dramas. A Forbes article asked: “Who Is the Older Woman That Could Become France’s First Lady? Macron is gay and in a relationship with the chief executive of Radio France, Mathieu Gallet. Macron dismissed the rumor in February with a joke. Cindy Gallop, a provocative web entrepreneur who has been vocal about her decision to date younger men, points to sexism.

Yet the media continues to be critical of older woman-younger man relationships.

This headline is typical: “Try-hard Madonna, 55, dresses like a woman half her age as she dines out with toyboy Timor Steffens, 26.” But if such relationships continue to become more common, perhaps criticism of them will fade, making such headlines a thing of the past.

A man dating an older woman is not only going against societal expectations, but also, supposedly, against biology.

So assumptions are made: That the man must be doing it for the money (“sugar mommy” relationships) or be seeking “mother substitutes on whom they can depend for emotional security,” as Robert O. Wolfe write in 1960’s (quoted in Vera, Berado, and Berado).

However, it’s not just the women in these relationships who face social disapproval.

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With women gaining more economic power, she added, younger men will seek out partners who either make as much money as they do or more, and have similar or higher levels of education.They have more sex than women with older husbands, according to a study by C. Gagnon cited in gerontologist Sara Katherine Archer’s article.Women in these relationships also report being happier overall.While troves of Hollywood men have been notorious for testing the limits, A-list ladies have also given junior companions a shot.Read on to discover the most memorable relationships between famous women and men who are at least five years younger, and then find out which celebrity couples have stayed together the longest.

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