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Adulterous wives are both exciting and terrifying to most men.

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Infidelity has for a long time been depicted as a mainly male pursuit.

I wrote about what Kyle told my husband after Kyle's wife, Toni, had her first extra-marital experience with another man. Outrage, curiosity, love, hate, anxiety, uncertainty: all those emotions and more flooded through me. I could not wait for Toni to return so I could satisfy these conflicting longings.

At the time I was very bothered that my husband would even tell anyone about me, much less share spicy details. Then it sort of excited me that somebody knew about me. Finally, I looked at the clock and realized that it had been over two hours since Toni broke off the phone conversation.

Recent studies have suggested that women are actually more predisposed to cheating at a genetic level, driven by the primal need to find the best mate. Join The Affair Site and find an unfaithful wife to meet for a casual relationship today.

I don't know about the science behind it, but I do know that a cheating wife can be a lot of fun to have no strings encounters with! Adulterous wives are both exciting and terrifying to most men.

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