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At first the Romans didn’t take to wine and sent any that was produced over the Alps to the barbarian Gauls, who were so fond of the drink.

The Romans preferred drink was beer and mead, because of their warrior past.

When she awoke she found all the troubles of her life seemed to have passed.

She continued to eat the spoilt grapes and her mood changed so much that she regained the favor of the King.

This, of course, means that many of the grape varieties we know today were fathered by the Greek varieties.

Then Cato, (who suspiciously had pushed for the attack on Carthage) wrote a book on winemaking (which made him a fortune), called ‘De Agi Cultura’.

Thanks to this book, beer and mead were a thing of the past and wine was the drink of the future.

After another hundred years there would be defined regions for winemaking.

This stability allowed people to experiment with their cuisine and drinks.

Some of our favorite dishes and drinks we still enjoy today were developed in this time period, including beer and of course wine.

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