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He narrated that his decision came out of meetings between ABS-CBN production head Linggit Tan and network president Charo Santos-Concio regarding a return to the show on July 31.

However, on July 20, Tan said the management will replace Wowowee with a new show on July 31 and also offered him a one-hour weekly show, she added negative feedback still prevailed among network employees about him going to work again.

Ayaw kong maudlot," she confirmed when asked by Queen of Talk Kris Aquino. In , she became a product endorser both on television and in print ads. However, she was headed when she was who is arie dating a Platinum Record Remedy for her manufacture "a.

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Revillame married Liz Almoro in a civil ceremony at Lipa, Batangas in March 2005, officiated by Mayor Vilma Santos, this was followed shortly by a church wedding in June 2005, their marriage annulled in 2008.

Prior to his marriage to Almoro, Revillame was married to actress Princess Punzalan.

Sabi nila, eight months to one year tapos saka mo pa lang makikita ang totoong kulay ng tao," Concepcion said.

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In 1998, he started co-hosting the ABS-CBN noontime show "'Sang Linggo n APO Sila", after the show was cancelled to make way for his big break in Magandang Tanghali Bayan, he also started appearing in Richard Loves Lucy.

In the August 3, 2009 episode of Wowowee, during which the show was interrupted for live coverage of the transfer of President Cory Aquino's remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral, Revillame said that he could not make people happy while the entire country was mourning.

The Alliance of Filipino Journalists denounced his remarks as a sign of disrespect towards Aquino.

Without mentioning him by name, he said he had enough of Sucaldito's alleged criticisms against the show having high-school contestants whose grades were below the passing mark for the Willie of Fortune segment and also ridiculing them on-screen, he threatened to resign from the show unless the ABS-CBN management dismissed Sucaldito, who described Revillame's rant as being "pikon" (Tagalog slang meaning 'touchy').

In a press conference on August 9, 2010, Revillame announced that he was ending his contract with ABS-CBN, even if it is supposed to expire in September 2011, he also accused ABS-CBN of violating several provisions in his contract.

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