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Java is another popular environment used on the web, many website utilize Java applets to launch interactive sessions, online banking or remote desktop support.Starting with Lion Apple stopped including Java in OS X by default.Some less common but still used plug-in formats populate the web as well.Real Player is still hanging around on some websites, and the installer is much less obnoxious than it used to be.This is a recent security change made by Apple to minimize malicious behavior.In that case click on the message itself and follow your browser’s instructions to enable Java capability.You can check for updates using the Software Update mechanism under the Apple menu, or the Mac App Store for Mountain Lion users.

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Sometimes you may get a message that the Java plug-in is disabled.

It is installed by default by many independent Mac techs.

Sadly future development has been discontinued, but the software is still available and compatible with OS X through Lion.

Perian is a venerable swiss-army knife of codecs for the Mac.

Whether trying to play an AVI file or some other rare format from the Beige Days, Perian can often help.

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