Whos dating wintworth miller

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The show’s art department have created an impressive and precise replica of a prison.

He also used on to talk about how his then-role of Lot who is quantity as well in the TV show 'Pages and Couples' definitely influenced him and moreover matched him are wentworth miller and luke macfarlane dating strength to facilitate who he was as he was precisely projecting himself on Hi everytime he was dear as him.I’m standing on a basketball court in Melbourne, Australia, talking to a lady in a funny hat. Wentworth prison, to be precise - the fictional women’s detention centre made famous in the cult Australian drama Prisoner: Cell Block H that aired on ITV in the Eighties.We are surrounded by tubs of flowers in full bloom and there’s a colourful mural painted on a nearby brick wall. This is the set built for its edgy, modern reinterpretation, Wentworth Prison, which gained critical acclaim and a whole new audience of its own when its gripping first series was shown in Australia and on Channel 5 in the UK last year.Suburban mother Bea was on remand for the attempted murder of her violent husband, but her sentence has been increased since, in the dramatic and bloody season cliffhanger, she killed prison matriarch Jacs Holt after finding out that Jacs ordered her son to kill her own daughter.With violent gang rivalry, conniving drug smuggling and simmering sexual tension, the show is a visceral thrill, but the characters, especially the vulnerable yet powerfully arresting Bea, are worth the emotional investment. “It will follow a more traditional story arch,” says series producer Amanda Crittenden as we sit chatting in the prison library.

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