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Then the dam broke, and I thought, “I don’t know who I am any more, what I’ve become.” One of the most liberating days of my life was in rehab, when I realised how many fears I had. In 2008 he won a best actor Golden Globe for his suicidal hitman in In Bruges, after which he took on a mix of small, thoughtful films (Ondine, Shell Shock), unlikely cameos (Crazy Heart, Horrible Bosses) and the odd grandiose affair (Total Recall).His portrayal of Ray Velcoro, an amoral detective clinging to his son as his last hope of redemption, is the shining light of the second season of True Detective. 'I identified with his suspicion that by having a child you can set the record back.’ Still, a new cult status hovers over him since he worked with European auteurs Liv Ullman, in her 2014 adaptation of Strindberg’s play Miss Julie, and Yorgos Lanthimos, whose The Lobster won the Jury Prize at Cannes this year.And so any subtleties of the man were drowned out by his soundbites.It would be easy to frame Farrell’s 20s in equally splashy terms. If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment. Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans.He is a bundle of paternal instincts: offering to pick out the offending cheese from his sandwiches so I can eat them, pouring the milk into my tea like an attentive vicar.Cheese and pickle: that’s as bacchanalian as it gets these days. 'If he heard me talking about yoga, he’d think “wanker!

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'You had to choose a higher power for the 12-step programme. Something in me wanted to live, that was louder – albeit locked away screaming in a room – than I knew back then.’ If chemically induced oblivion was once Farrell’s god, these days it is deep soul excavation.They read, after all, rather like a classical parable.The Icarian ascent to Hollywood after he was cast, with only a few professional acting credits, in Joel Schumacher’s acclaimed Tigerland (2000), hailed as the 'next great actor of his generation’ and leapfrogged into roles opposite Tom Cruise in Minority Report and Al Pacino in The Recruit. In 2004 he was slated for his lead turn in Oliver Stone’s lumbering Alexander, after which his self-medicating escalated into full-scale self-annihilation on the cursed set of Michael Mann’s Miami Vice two years later.Yet rehab 10 years ago, seven years of sobriety and five of singledom have not made him anodyne.If he has evolved into a new man through a decade of abstention, he appears to be, in his freewheeling bonhomie at least, refreshingly unchanged.

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