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However, after having problems with Doc and failing to return him to the Blues, Simmons speculates that Lopez has been reprogrammed to help the Blues after seeing a blue repair the tank.

Sarge concludes that someone should volunteer to be turned into a cyborg to even the odds; someone so loyal that they would never betray the team and have the capabilities to repair things; making Simmons the perfect candidate.

He opens a portal to Battle Creek and has the Grunts attack O'Malley; but the rest of the team are too late to destroy the bomb inside Church.

After the bomb goes off, everyone (except Church) is sent into the future.

As Tex launches her second attack on the Reds with Sheila, he and Sarge go to fight them off with the Warthog but are defeated moments later.

When Tex attacks Red base, Simmons faints but later wakes up.Simmons is then given cybernetic body parts by Sarge.His robotic elements also lead him to occasionally shoot himself in the foot and be based on a Freon-cooling system.Simmons was intended to be the "smart, troubled guy," according to Rooster Teeth.Simmons is also one of the most logical and intelligent characters in the series but seems to have a large ego, although he does maintain a high level of confidence.

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