Who is pilar sanders dating now

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Pilar Sanders’s troubled publicist Kali Bowyer has apparently dumped her client and has aligned herself with Pilar’s ex-husband, Deion Sanders.This is the same publicist who claimed my exclusive interview with Mr. What’s surprising is Deion even giving Bowyer the time of day.In addition, Pilar Sanders and Adenike Sanni aka Nikke Sanni [her ‘so called’ twitter witness] have apparently had a long-standing prior relationship with one another as well. When I first spoke with Adenike Sanni aka Nikke Sanni, it took all of two minutes for her to respond to my question if she would go on the record with her information.Nikke Sanni claimed to overhear a conversation that would establish a valid claim for contesting the prenuptial agreement between Mr. Sanni without delay or hesitation immediately answered with a “Hell yea.” Quickly following the ‘on record’ interviews, with not just one media outlet but a total of three; Cherry On Top, Rumor Fix, and New York Post’s Page Six, Sanni began to ask me how she could get into the entertainment business.I can’t tell you her sponsor’s name, but keep an eye on Pilar’s Twitter timeline; peep where she goes and who she associates with. Photos used in Blind Item posts are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual as the subject of this post.We take no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.

In her book, Hollywood Child, Bowyer claims she had “a hot affair with racy comedian Chris Rock.” But Rock’s publicist denies the paternity claims, saying “There is a final judgement. It’s been fully litigated, and that includes DNA testing.” Read Bowyer’s official resignation below.NFL legend, Deion Sanders, has taken the time to profess the many reasons why he’s still in love with his woman, Tracey Edmonds, whom he’s been dating for a few years now. It took her a minute, given her very short marriage to Eddie Murphy (they married after her Babyface divorce), but she made it through, and found her perfect match in Deion.Tracey is the ex-wife of singer/super-producer, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, with whom she also has two kids with. Wishing the lovebird couple a lifetime of happy couple bliss.The multimillionaire record label owner also reportedly laces Pilar’s children with gifts including the custom t-shirts you see them wearing in these photos.I’m told that Pilar’s sugar daddy isn’t picking up her legal tab but he is paying for everything else, including a recent trip to Miami on a private jet.

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