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He felt that an Asian actor should have played the role. Masi Oka is active on the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But he was at the receiving end of Rob’s anger for this remark. He has 174k followers on the Twitter, more than 23k followers on the Facebook and 40.7k followers on the Instagram.

His new film ‘Death Note’ which Masi Oka is producing has mainly Caucasian artists who occupy the center stage.

This was a topic of controversy and criticism but Masi Oka has managed to quiet down his critics.

He started working as special effects artist with George Lucas’ company, ‘Industrial Light and Magic’ and had hoped to earn an Oscar in the technical field. He has a net worth of $ 5 million but his salary is not revealed yet.

He has admitted that his changing chemistry with his co-actor, Jayma Mays, had made him decide to leave the show ‘Hawaii five-0’.

Masi Oka’s character of Hiro in ‘Heroes’ has changed a lot over time. Masi Oka has been appreciated for his acting as well as the digital effects.

Masi Oka was born on 27 December 1974, in Tokyo, Japan.

He was also a musical director while at the University.Oka played one of the supporting characters in Heroes, so he may have earned around the same range.He is a good looking man and his chocolatey looks can melt any woman.He has also admitted that he had chemistry with his co-actor, Jayma Mays.He is interested in kendo, playing the piano, singing, beatboxing and watching and writing romantic comedies.

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