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The second season of Beauty and the Geek Australia features the same contestant structure as the first season, with one big twist; one of the "Beauties" (Ellie) is actually a twin (Brooke; who also competes).In each challenge only one of the twins was allowed to compete and only that twin can study for that challenge.Episode 7: 19 November 2009 The Geeks teach a fitness class while the Beauties build a billy cart from scratch.Episode 8 (Finale): 26 November 2009 The teams pair up for their own Amazing Race-inspired challenge.It is based on the United States program Beauty and the Geek created by Ashton Kutcher.The premise of the show consists of a group of "Beauties" (young women who have relied primarily on their looks) and a group of "Geeks" (young men who have relied primarily on intellect rather than social aptitude or looks) are paired up to compete as teams for a singing "Thriller".

The Beauties build a flying device for their Geeks to fly.Meanwhile, the geeks practiced relaxing massage techniques, including developing their own signature move, which they put into practice on the beauties.Episode 3: 22 October 2009 For many of the geeks, it was their first opportunity to go on a date when they embarked on speed dating.Later, a second challenge was announced where beauties can gain immunity by eating a live witchetty grub.However, this winner is unable to nominate a pair for elimination.

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