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Marshall Stubing Gavin Mac Leod also plays Marshall Stubing in this episode. 15Mar80 ABC Sat Produced by Ben Joelson and Art Baer and Henry Colman Written by Ray Jessel, Tony Webster, Ben Joelson & Art Baer Directed by Roger Duchowny. (1) DUMB LUCK Julie worries that her brilliant nuclear physicist friend will never find a man because her intelligence intimidates suitors.There have been many articles showing that patients can return to activity, including sports, without ACL reconstruction.

When the ACL doesn’t work, these rotational forces are transmitted to the other knee structures resulting in tearing of the meniscus and damage to the joint surface cartilage.

So what are the risks of playing without an ACL and how do we know who can and can’t play without surgery?

The ACL is the main stabilizing ligament in the knee.

Julie and Tina each envy the life the other has chosen for herself. (3) GOING MY WAY A wacky woman has been given the heave-ho by her boyfriend and asks her cab driver to travel with her instead.

When Tina offers some ideas for an upcoming party, Julie resents her friend for moving in on her territory. Guest Stars in Alphabetical Order: Starr Danias .......

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