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“I found out for myself where I belonged.” P1 said that there was a guy at his church, “who just wanted to show me that I don’t have to know you to love you, and it changed my life.I understood what it was like to be a man and a Christian man on top of that.”When asked if it was difficult being a Christian and a professional wrestler — especially one at such a high position within the WWE — AJ Styles had this to say.“Not at all. Little things, like, it’s very rare that I ever drop any cuss words or anything like that, which is the perfect play for me.Jake Paul reached out to AJ to tell AJ that he had a great voice; they later started working together.Reality star Yolanda Hadid has finally moved on after her split from David Foster!The full 22-minute AJ Styles interview is available in the embed below (with video).Give it a watch if you want to learn more about the Phenomenal One.WWE universe has not seen more than half of his all moves. Kaz has came back as Suicide in Tna wresling and swings from a rope into the ring. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

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This post is for the Famewatchers among us looking for AJ Pritchard shirtless photos.This wedding announcement comes just over three months after the couple's engagement was revealed to the world on social media.'s Tom Jackson and Abby Parr's wedding news was revealed."My community's in my Christian rap music," Styles said. When you're around other Christians, you can get excited about Jesus together, therefore you worship as a church together. Looks like we're the company everybody wants to work for these days. At my house, it’s an ‘if dad says it, you can say it kind of deal,’ so a lot of my slang words come off very childish at this point in my career.”“People respect that,” Styles explained, “and if they don’t, that’s okay.And if they try to get a rise out of me, I’m just like, ‘Look man I’m not gonna push this on you. I’m just telling you what makes me, me.”Elsewhere in the podcast, AJ Styles revealed that he “didn’t shed one tear” when he left TNA despite being a main star there since signing in 2002.

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    Her father is African American and her mother is half Korean and African American.

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