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Experience and confidence is a powerful thing to have and to see in others. Older partners have taught me many lessons about life I might not have been able to learn otherwise. No one his age has anything in common with a woman her age. Too bad he knocked her up like an idiot, but he's young and impressionable. He hardly lived any life before her."Unless she's had vaginal rejuvenation surgery, fucking her would be like throwing a hot dog down a warm hallway. That line is so original and clever it could almost be a line from "Six Feet Under"!

It is better than a marginally better body or even a younger face. Same-age partners are about vanity and sex appeal, but it's all very superficial. She is a known mental case, and was committed briefly. The woman has baggage beyond belief, and now he's a stepfather to the kids she already had. She is loaded too, paid 11 million cash for her house.

And preferring older partners is not always about mommy/daddy issues.

Often it is about having a wider option of potential mates and beign able to see beyond the supereficial.

I was always attracted to those way older than myself because they knew about life and how to handle themselves.

That usually translated into better sex and an easier going personality.

How inexperienced in sex and love do you have to be to not understand that the facade is a very small part of a great sex life and a great relationship?Besides she helped his career at a time he wasn't all that well known.I'm sure there are more than a few 46 year old daddies on here more than willing to let ATJ and his insanely big cock up in their lady lumps.He wasn't doing much until she came along, now he has a fantastic career, is incredibly rich and part of the celebrity set in London. But no one batted an eyelid when Catherine Zeta-Jones married a man who was older than her dad. Oh, but WAIT - it's DATALOUNGE.[quote]She is loaded too, paid 11 million cash for her house.Anthony Bourdain is also 1/4 of a century older than his wife, and became a dad for the first time at 52. He wasn't doing much until she came along, now he has a fantastic career, is incredibly rich and part of the celebrity set in London. He didn't get anything out of marrying her but a bunch of kids he now has to raise, and will have to support if they get divorced. It'll be great for him to have to take care of her if she gets another bout and needs treatment. He not only has his own 2 kids with her, he's also raising ANOTHER MAN'S KIDS!

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