When your ex wife starts dating

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Keeping yourself busy will divert your focus of attention and the same time will help you get back the confidence you were beginning to lose. You try and focus on the good things you wanted to do after the break up. Do not kill the feeling,let it die a natural death.

But things begin to matter more when you unveil the real person and there is every possibility that the real person that he sees is not the one who he intended to see. If you have kids, take them out, watch a movie, have food, make their day and they will make up for the loss you are feeling.

Just remember and revisit the reasons why your nest was no longer inhabitable when they two of you stayed.

List down the differences, the heated arguments you had with him.

Imagine how your spouse made you crazy, how you yearned to be free. Imagine the new person in your spouse’s life in your place.

See that person sulking, weeping, throwing things in a fit of rage, the way you behaved when things were getting uglier between the two of you.

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