When to make it official after dating who is tory burch dating 2016

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So I started to panic & just as I'm about to message him, he writes "hahaha yeah, good idea" or something like that. Really I was just scared of the commitment and wasn't sure if I really liked him. I've never really had one of those periods between dating and relationship.I wrote back immediately that it was a stupid joke & I didn't mean it at all. Well he first asked me to be his girlfriend a week or 2 after we had our first kiss.. 2 weeks later I had decided that I genuinely cared about him and loved spending time with him, and we uh... So we slowed down and he pulls away and asks me (which he says was completely on a whim at the time) if I would be his girlfriend. We were friends first and were "official" on the first date because we had discussed if we wanted to be in a relationship prior to going out.Here’s how my conversation went after my now husband and I were dating a few months: *** Scene: Halloween party: two nerds dressed in ridiculous outfits: Him: Are you seeing anyone else? A recent study looked at dating rituals that would need to happen in order for daters to consider a relationship exclusive: Keep in mind that all of these components need to be happening in constellation with each other. Conventions of courtship: Gender and race differences in the significance of dating rituals. And if I had a sleep over, the gf speech should come within a week or two. I told him we won't have sex until we're "official".

I, stupidly, jokingly said I ask my flatmate to 'lend me a hand'.

I've made it clear that I want to be official with him, so it's not like he fears rejection at this point. I know people will say it's different for each person, but I want to know at what point I'm being strung along. If he's into you and you know it, don't sweat a couple of words. these days, there seems to be a difference between exclusivity and being a couple. I always ask for exclusivity before any sleepovers. Following the exclusivity and sex, there is less urgency to make it to "couple"-dom. We agreed not to fool around with other people (but I know he could be). My husband and I were official right away since we got back together - the first time around that we dated it was less than 2 months, probably closer to a month.

Honestly, after like a month, if a guy doesn't at least bring up exclusivity, I'd back off. I don't want my guy having sex with multiple people while I am having sex with him. Unfortunately, if you don't specify that you want to be exclusive, you are more than likely not and there is a high probability that he is sleeping with others. If he wants to take 3 or even 6 months to introduce me to people and start having bf/gf expectations, I am a-ok with that. But we waited 5 months before the "real" sleepover ;-) Just to be clear, we do sexual things but we're not having sex.

*** Clearly this wasn’t our best, most romantic conversation ever.

(This is my first "dating relationship" since my 7 year LTR, sorry if this is a stupid question! Anything after 4 months would make me think the guy isn't really serious about me and still keeping his options open.

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