What was dating during world war 2 american girl dating a frenchman

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We have heard of the bad black French colonial troops raping German women in Stuttgart in 1945. Rape of Japanese women by GIs during the end of the war and during the occupation of Japan......Japanese historian Oshiro Masayasu writes about the large scale rape by American soldiers in Okinawa in 1945.

Soon after landing, the marines "mopped up" the entire village, but found no signs of Japanese forces.However, this is probably not the true figure, as most cases went unreported. Accounts from elderly Okinawans claim that the 3 marines had made frequent trips to the village to rape the women that lived there, but were ambushed and killed by dozens of villagers with the help of 2 armed Japanese soldiers who were hiding in the jungle, in a dark narrow mountain pass near a river on one of their return trips."The Japanese soldiers shot at the marines from the bushes and several dozen villagers beat them to death with sticks and stones." According to the same article, one academic claims that "rape was so prevalent that most Okinawans over age 65 either know or have heard of a woman who was raped in the aftermath of the war." Two rape cases were reported in Yokosuka on August 30, the day that the US marines landed there.3 At the same hour on that day seven American soldiers while ransacking the village office in Nishiki village, resorted to indecent acts such as touching breasts of the girl clerks or rubbing their cheeks.4 Another several Americans resorted to the same acts to the girl clerks in the post office located in the same village For instance, rape--which is considered a way to sharpen aggressiveness of soldiers, steeling male bonding among warriors, and, moreover, "reflects a burning need to establish total dominance of the other" (p.

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