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In his review of the 1938 exhibition, Raymond Mortimer described the ‘over-lapping and scrambling of opulent colours’ and suggested that ‘the artist’s vision has extracted from Welsh landscapes oranges and pinks as sumptuous as those that forced themselves upon Gauguin in tropical Tahiti’.[14] The difference between south Wales and the Pacific island would suggest that the critic’s point was a formal one, though the suggestion that Sutherland had drawn-out his colour while Gauguin’s was somehow necessary may be seen as a veiled criticism.In contrast to this tropical parallel, one may see the deep colouring of Welsh Landscape with Roads as contributing to a sinister tone that pervades Sutherland’s treatment of landscape.The unnaturalistic colouring, dramatic shaft of sunlight and minuscule fleeing figure create a threatening atmosphere.

Almost all of the works in that display were based on the derived from a site near the inlet and village of Porth Clais, south-west of St David’s.[2] It also indicates that a number of other works originated in various views from the same site, including the .[3] The other painting, also entitled Welsh Landscape with Roads, 1936 (private collection), [4] is considerably smaller and less complex: as well as being generally less worked, it does not include the animal skull that dominates the lower left hand section of the Tate’s work.1973, as part of Europalia 73 Great Britain (52, repr. p.15) British Art in the Twentieth Century: The Modern Movement, Royal Academy, London, Jan.-April 1987, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, May-Aug. p.59, no.17 Rosalind Thuiller, Graham Sutherland: Inspirations, Guildford 1982, pp.40-4 David Lee, ‘Graham Sutherland: The Early Years, Goldsmiths’ Gallery’, Arts Review, vol.38, no.23, 21 Nov.p.70) Graham Sutherland, Tate Gallery, London, May-July 1982 (50, repr. in col.) Graham Sutherland: The Early Years 1921-40, Goldsmiths’ Gallery, London, Oct.-Dec. 1986, p.638 Nannette Aldred, Graham Sutherland: The Early Years 1920-40, exh.1937 (29, as ‘Welsh Landscape 36 x 26 in.’) Recent Works by Graham Sutherland, Rosenberg and Helft Ltd., London, Sept.-Oct.1938 (5, as ‘36 x 26 in.’) First ABAC Exhibition: Paintings & Sculpture from England, Canada & America, American-British Art Center, New York, Jan.-Feb.

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