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After they take a letter from a listener who wants his fiance to do molly with him. They're then joined by Taylor Strecker of the Taste of Taylor podcast. Jordana and Jared talk Plan B, condoms and more in this particularly intimate episode. Literally, he didn’t offer to pay the price for Plan B.They take a letter from a listener who has been using the pull-out method and is having some issues. A listener writes in wondering if he has to disclose that he’s cheated on a past girlfriend in a new relationship.

This segues into a poem-letter a listener received that is decidedly Dahmer.Jordana and Jared take a letter from a listener asking about Instagram thirst traps. Another listener asks how to handle her ex of 5 years (who she's still close with) seemingly entering into a new, serious relationship.Another letter asks about proper blowjob etiquette. Jordana and Jared talk about the Dobler-Dahmer Theory from How I Met Your Mother.At , they receive their weird sexual encounter of the week - where a fajita-breathed man finishes himself off during a bathroom break while they're having sex.At , they take another letter from a listener, a girl who keeps letting her guy friends buy her... After, they debut a new segment: Weird Sexual Encounter of The Week where a guy describes a balloon situation that is truly bizarre.

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