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When they hired me, they paid me a salary of 0,000.

Before getting into how you can develop pricing tiers for your business, let me run you through why you should test pricing tiers as you grow your freelancing or consulting: With so much opportunity, how to do tier pricing RIGHT? #fistpound 👊 Step 1: Create base features you want to include for every tier The first step is to start organizing the base scope of benefits you want to provide to every customer. If you’re not sure which base features to use yet, that’s OK.One way of determining your hourly rate is to reverse engineer your last salary. There are roughly 2,080 working hours per year, which means your hourly rate is about . And remember: It’s often better to take the easy route and just get started. When you productize your services, you start to free yourself from the shackles of time.Instead of being locked into an hourly rate, you charge based on the value or results you create.For example: To gain clarity on the value you create, talk to your clients or customers about their goals.Then, break down metrics or key performance indicators you can quantify and measure success.

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