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VR porn is already booming with just over 6 million headsets are sold worldwide.

Naughty America noted that customers have already downloaded over two hundred thousand VR porn movies just in the last month, and the numbers have been skyrocketing each month.

Due the NSFW nature of this content, please do not read this at work, and be careful of all outbound links !

Travis Jakel forecasts that around 3% of VR users will pay an average of USD in 2016, which sums up to million.“Whenever there’s a shift in content conception, it’s typically adult entertainment that’s the first monetizable app.

History repeats itself and we’ve seen adult entertainment drive sales of VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, high definition, mobile, and online video over the years.” Gene Munster, Senior Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray“I see it through a generational lens,” Todd Glider, CEO of Ba Doink, says.

As an early adopter to new technologies, the company has been exploring and experimenting with virtual porn since the beginning of Oculus Rift crowd funding success.

Naughty America’s sales revenue grew a staggering 55% last year and states that about 1 out of 300 visitors is becoming a paying member, compared to 1 out of 1500 visitors prior to the release of VR porn content.

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