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Natural gas prices, while “volatile” before 2008, have remained low for years, she said, and are expected to stay low for at least another 10 years.

FRANKFORT – Two proposed Ohio River bridges have highlighted Kentucky’s need to generate more money to pay for transportation projects, the state transportation secretary told a panel of legislators yesterday.

She directed lawmakers to charts illustrating changes in electricity consumption, especially in the industrial sector where Mathews said demand for electricity fell from over 50 percent in recent years to 37 percent in 2016.

The new law will also allow breweries to sell one case per customer at fairs and festivals in wet jurisdictions. House Bill 187 will require the state Department of Education to make a “dyslexia toolkit” available to school districts to help them identify and instruct students who display characteristics of dyslexia. House Bill 1 will take steps to reform the state’s foster care and adoption system to ensure that a child’s time in foster care is limited and that children are returned to family whenever possible.

The bill specifies that fines could be imposed if retailers abruptly increase the price of goods more than 10 percent when the governor declares a state of emergency. House Bill 71 will increase penalties for posting sexually explicit images online without the consent of the person depicted.

The crime would be a misdemeanor for the first offense and felony for subsequent offenses.

He said the most common way someone takes their own life is by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

That means drivers will soon be required to leave at least three feet of space between their vehicles and cyclists they pass.

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