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The industry has a responsibility to protect and respond to their young customers when their platforms are used for abuse.We know that prevention has many advantages over repair, and the companies with their huge youth client base are well positioned to influence norms of behavior.Reducing the sense of stigma and self-blame among victims is an important step to foiling perpetrators.We believe there is a special role here for the technology industry which has built their business model on inviting young people into their spaces to share the intimate details and deeply fraught aspects of their relationships.Intimate partner violence (IPV) [539 KB, 2 Pages, 508] is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of Americans.The term “intimate partner violence” describes physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse. We do know that strategies that promote healthy behaviors in relationships are important.

We have gotten better as a society over the last generation in providing services to victims of intimate partner abuse and sexual assault, as evidenced by rape crisis centers and specialized police and prosecution units.The other group, the malicious seducers, used friendship, deception and promises of romance to acquire compromising pictures from targets they met online, and then used these pictures to extract more images and sex.They tracked down victims’ contacts on social media sites, stalked victims online and used threats to force them into demeaning webcam sex.On the one hand were spurned or rejected boyfriends who in their bitterness or desperation used threats to punish former lovers, or coerce them back into relationships.These men stalked, harassed and badgered their former partners in ways that could be terrifying and overwhelming.

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