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Read more: A web application is a software program which a user accesses over an internal network, or via the internet through a web browser.

An example of one of the most widely used web applications is Google Docs, which facilitates most of the capabilities of Microsoft Word; it’s free and easy to use from any location.

A web application or Rich Internet Applications is a web site that does more than displaying content, it has a business logic.

It’s intended for Both are 'websites' ( sites on the web ).

Practically, most websites with quickly changing content will also rely on a sophisticated programmatic (and/or database) backend, but at least in principle they're only defined by their output.

The web application on the other hand is essentially a Websites are primarily informational. Web applications primarily allow the user to perform actions.

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For instance, you have an i Phone A website, also written as web site, or simply site, is a set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain.Does anyone in the world still writes manual static html files, I don't think so.Even though, some websites have few static pages, but if they were created dynamically via a CMS, then it is definitely a CMS web application.But where I'm stuck is that a web application is still viewed through a browser (is it not?) and a website can still view content dynamically, making the line between web site and application pretty gray. NET or AJAX etc become a web application because it can retrieve data dynamically and asynchronously or would a website using PHP and a CMS be more of a web application because it forms the pages on request, based on the request of the client and its content in its databse?

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