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nasian,' addressed himself to the perusal of (tetl.

though when pleadingiorthewantsof others Touimin savs 'llie received standard of or- he was known as ' the best beggar in Bolton.' thodoxy ' wliicli was profl'ered to him was the By will be left '201. On his deathbed, dissenters, Bourn, hitherto' aprofcs'ed Atlia- in answer to his friend Jeremiah Aldred .

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His eldest son Joseph died rm Bourn was chowu one of the 17 June 1701 in his twentv-tir.'^t yeuri his Monday lecturers at llolton, a post which he youngest sone, Daniel and Abraham, had held ahing witli liis Chorley pastorate.

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Stevenson in Academyt SO Not, 1878; Aoa Jemj, 5 July 1S84; Art Journal, January 1879,] W. BOUGHEN, EDWARB, D, T, (lo S"- 1660 ■•), royalist divine, was a native of Buck- inghamshire, aud rcctivcd his education at Westminster School, whence he was elected to a scholarship at Christ Church, Oxford (B. This politrpi commonly described as the ' decentralisation policy,' has been tho- roughly successful, and bi'is since been ex- tended by J^rd Miiyo's .lucwssors.

The relations of It and some of the e altogether inhar- lo stimulus to avoid ment.

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