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The Internet is full of wonderful people and information, but it also has its fair share of weirdos and harmful Web sites.As long as you do your part, the Internet can be a fun and exciting place to share ideas. If something doesnt seem right with your computer or someone is bothering you, tell a trusted adult right away. I know our friend Cadet Yoko is celebrating, and she lives all the way in Japan!A daemon operates by taking over the function that is started by another program and making sure that it runs correctly.Basically, its sort of like day care for computer programs.Just click the icon for it, and start typing away, right? First you have to write a command prompt requesting the system to run your program. 5.25 floppies have been used since 1976 and could hold around 89 kilobytes of data. Thats over 235 times as much information in a smaller package!A command prompt is entered text that instructs the computer to perform a task. Cadet, I mean, Commander, Omni tells me that in the future things called USB Drives can hold as much as 64 gigabytes, or 67,108,864 kilobytes. Back to Top June 2010 Q: What's the difference between .com, .net, and domain names?

Have your parents seen the Academy on Facebook or Twitter?

People that oppose net neutrality believe that people who are willing to pay more should get the best access to the Internet.

In other words, if a person does not purchase a premium Internet package, they will only be able to download a certain amount of data per month and at a slower speed.

We've set up our profile pages and would like families and classrooms to keep up to date by following us there. Email it to: omni [AT] February 2011 Q: What is Data Rot? For example, say you have a thumb drive with some pictures stored on it.

Data rot is the technical term for all those crumbs and whatnot trapped inside your keyboard. If you leave the thumb drive alone for several years and then try to use it, you might find that some of the pictures cannot be accessed.

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