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Carboxyl groups carry negative charges, so carboxylation helps vitamin K-dependent proteins bind to calcium, which carries a positive charge.In other words, the most well-established role of vitamin K is to add carbon dioxide to proteins and thereby give them the ability to bind calcium.The vitamin K carboxylase is an enzyme that adds carbon dioxide to the side chains of specific glutamate residues within specific vitamin K-dependent proteins.Once added to a glutamate residue, the carbon dioxide becomes a carboxyl group, so the process is known as carboxylation.Survey visitors to find out how they respond to a site and if they were able to find the information they needed.Poll target audiences to determine individuals’ use of smartphones and applications to plan your mobile strategy.Preview Template Explore patient demographics, behaviors, access to healthcare, gender health issues, and community outreach programs.Use healthcare, medical research, and health and nutrition surveys to explore ways to improve patient and community wellness and healthcare services and to improve your data collection.

Once modified in this way, glutamate becomes 𝛄-carboxyglutamate and is abbreviated “Gla.” Thus, vitamin K-dependent proteins often have the term “Gla” in their names.

Preview Template What’s the appetite for the new product or service you’re introducing? Use our 20-question Market Research survey to explore respondents’ opinions, their preference for your offerings over the competition’s, and their willingness to recommend.

Preview Template As part of your research, explore the quality of targeted users’ experiences on websites.

Preview Template Deliver surveys as a research tool to test your classroom or lecture hall theories.

Use sampling procedures and surveys for pilots and pretests, longitudinal studies, and field training and testing.

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