Vbscript runas for validating credentials

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Frequently used programs are automatically displayed in the left column, newly installed programs are highlighted, and the user may opt to "pin" programs to the start menu so that they are always accessible without having to navigate through the Programs folders.The default internet browser and default email program are pinned to the Start menu.There are significant changes made to Windows Explorer in Windows XP, both visually and functionally.

With Windows XP, the Start button has been updated to support Fitts's law.

The Start menu is fully customizable, links can be added or removed; the number of frequently used programs to display can be set.

The All Programs menu expands like the classic Start menu to utilize the entire screen but can be set to scroll programs.

The task pane is displayed on the left side of the window instead of the traditional folder tree view when the navigation pane is turned off.

It presents the user with a list of common actions and destinations that are relevant to the current directory or file(s) selected.

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