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When we met, I didn’t have much feeling for her either way.She was good and all, but I didn’t really see a future.Still, I had this overpowering feeling that if I didn’t keep the relationship together that it somehow meant I was a failure.I began getting wrapped up in my own fears, worries and what it meant about me.

I felt as though I didn’t really know what she was thinking or how she was feeling – it was almost like I was dating someone I didn’t really even know.

I don’t want to sound heartless, but I started to lose my attraction to him.

Breaking up is never clean, but there are definitely good and bad ways to do it. In the same way that I caution women against being needy, the type of behavior you are describing here is the male equivalent (the paranoia, accusations, need for reassurance that you like him, etc.) I’m going to tell you a story.

The truth is, that was the best way she could have possibly dumped me. And I lacked the perspective back then to see that regardless of what my ex was like during our relationship, it meant nothing about me or who I was as a person (although it may have meant something about my approach…) :) My point in all of this is that her breaking up with me was painful, but it lead me to learn some valuable lessons.

Dragging out the relationship any longer would have done neither of us any good.

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