Validating xml parser purpose

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e Xist come with default setting that may prevent files from being added that are associated with a namespace once a schema is saved in the registry.Please be aware of these factors that are documented here.I have been testing DTD's and Schema's for the past month and recently tried to find out why I am doing this.I know it makes the XML better and more Semantic but what are the overall benefits of validating XML? Sure, if you only write out some data for your own application to read it may be enough if it just works.My code uses a Document Builder to return a Document (= DOM) but the XMLReader as per the OP's example also has a method Document Builder Factory factory = Document Builder Instance(); Validating(false); // turns off validation Schema(null); // turns off use of schema // but that's *still* not enough!builder = Document Builder(); Entity Resolver(new Null Entity Resolver()); // swap in a dummy resolver return builder().parse(xml File); Be aware that disabling DTD loading will cause parsing to fail if the DTD defines any entities that your XML file depends on.

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let $schema := '/db/test/validate/schema.xsd' (: you must run this every time the XML Schema file changes!

To prevent this, you should attach a custom Entity Resolver as advised here: The Entity Resolver will be called for every external entity request.

Returning null will not work because the framework will still download the file from the Internet after that.

To handle this, you should attach a custom URIResolver to the transformer: The transformer will call your URIResolver implementation when it encounters the document() function.

Your implementation will have to return a Source for the passed URI.

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