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Sun Trust is able to provide answers and solutions to its customers through its partnership with Survey Monkey Audience.“(Clients) find it critical,” Peck says.

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These types of point-in-time surveys are done to correlate environmental factors to thermal comfort indices such as those included in Fanger’s PMV/PPD model which considers personal factors such as metabolic rate and clothing insulation, plus general factors including air temperature, radiant temperature, air speed, and humidity.Within these parameters are localized considerations such as floor temperatures, vertical air temperature differences, radiant asymmetry and drafts.In these surveys, respondents are asked to rate their perceived sensation on a seven point scale ranging from hot to cold (-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3).(You can watch our video interview with Peck here.)The bank’s analysts, Peck says, reaped the fruits of proprietary research when they faced the question of whether Facebook had stopped being cool among younger people—a key question among observers of the biggest social media company in the world.“When you looked at the data, it was quite interesting,” Peck says.“Away from the headlines, the actual data (showed) the users were staying.”Investors, he adds, get very valuable signals from these studies before they make crucial decisions.

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