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Motivated by a recent customer inquiry, on this post I want to talk about such ability from the perspective of browser-based clients invoking REST services, a very common pattern these days.

Imagine, for instance, that the end user identity must be securely propagated from an Angular JS-based application to REST services deployed on Weblogic server or JBoss.

Check Signature() object, but I kept getting an invalid/false result. ================================================================================= Dim SAMLResponse As String Dim BC As New ASCIIEncoding Dim Decoded Data() As Byte Dim s Decoded Data As String SAMLResponse = Request("SAMLResponse") Decoded Data = Convert. You need to get the following information from your identity provider in order to configure SAML SSO in Freshdesk: Fields required by your Identity Provider The identity provider requires a Consumer Assertion URL to which it redirects the user after the authentication.You need to provide the URL in this format: When the user requests for SAML SSO by arriving at the Freshdesk Portal, the encrypted XML Assertion will be sent to this URL.Customers using SHA1 can transition to SHA256 by following the procedure here.Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a mechanism used for communicating identities between two web applications.

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