Validating research instruments

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A literature search was undertaken to identify existing instruments for the evaluation of the quality of health-related media reports.MEDLINE and EMBASE were searched through the Ovid interface using key terms related to health education, patient education, and journalism. The search yielded Oxman et al.’s (1993) Index of scientific quality (ISQ) for health-related news reports [].Items from the ‘validity’ domain were negatively skewed, suggesting possible floor effect.These items were not eliminated due to acceptable content and face validity.) the quality of the data is unclear because registry birthplace information is incomplete. Cultural validity for all instruments is essential principle but unfortunately one that is seldom achieved.

We developed the Quality Index for health-related Media Reports (QIMR) as a tool to monitor the quality of health research reports in the lay media.QIMR total scores produced a strong correlation with raters’ global assessment and a moderate correlation with media report word count, providing evidence towards the construct validity of the instrument.The public obtains medical information from television, newspapers, and online sources.The scale was correlated with a global quality assessment score and media report word count to provide evidence towards its construct validity.The items and domains of the QIMR demonstrated acceptable validity and reliability.

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