Validating event in vb net

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Message) Catch e As Xml Exception Log Message(p File Name & ".xml",e.

Since these class implement a stream-based approach, they do not require that the XML document be parsed into a tree structure and cached in memory as happens when working with the document through the DOM.

Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

Many organizations use XML to pass documents and data within the organization as well as between trading partners and vendors. The type of the current node can be checked using the supports, shown in Listing 13.1, is the optional expansion of entity references.

Not only did performance suffer using the DOM since you had to wait for the document to be parsed and loaded, but the application processing the document tended to eat up significant amounts of memory.

As a result, Microsoft included the SAX APIs in MSXML 3.0 to provide an event-driven programming model for XML documents.

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