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Meat HACCP systems are regulated by the USDA, while seafood and juice are regulated by the FDA.

HACCP is focused only on the health safety issues of a product and not the quality of the product, yet HACCP principles are the basis of most food quality and safety assurance systems.This 21-day program was first held in September 1972 with 11 days of classroom lecture and 10 days of canning plant evaluations. Pillsbury's training program to the FDA in 1969, titled "Food Safety through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System", was the first time that HACCP was used.HACCP was initially set on three principles, now shown as principles one, two, and four in the section below.Various aspects of the modernization process have been discussed by Ongley in ESCAP (1997): Hazards associated with water systems in buildings include physical, chemical and microbial hazards.In 2013, NSF International, a public health and safety NGO, established education, training and certification programs in HACCP for building water systems.

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