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Note this TTHome emulation is only partially available for the Work/Truck-specific navcores so you cannot fully run this emulation mode in TTHome for these navcores.One more thing to note (actually two things) to take into account IF you are using an SDHC card and thats that you use an SDHC campatible card reader (some of the older ones do NOT read/write to these cards) and that you use a suitable bootloader (system file) the minumum which is version 5.5012 ) Download the latest version of Fast Activate (note there's a "help" section included with it) or use another tool of your choice and then unzip the file and copy across Fast to the ****** drive (the root of the device).

The Android and i Phone navigation app from Tom Tom is offered with a price but has huge benefits: free maps for life and Free Daily Map Change which upload the adjustments made by their users immediately.If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us .Im not going to show all the links & examples of the necessary actions below as they are already well documented and detailed around here & elsewhere but there are basically just three steps to getting your new map(s) up & running. Maps/premium speed cams/premium celebrity voices Each and every map/premium speed cam/premium celebrity voice needs to be cracked (activated) by using one of the cracking/patching tools to add a new file (AND a new file for the Truck map) to your map folder and/or voices folder, which will be unique to YOUR device.It can be installed on an SD card and run alongside the original software on the Tom Tom device.Finally, the last option to get free Tom Tom maps is the Android or i Phone smartphone app.

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