Updating trainz assessment

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Recognising when to report a train fault or failure, infrastructure hazard or defective equipment on track or at a station.Fully understand the actions, responsibilities and reporting procedures necessary to minimise the impact to services.Understanding of the importance of making accurate, timely decisions and know how to lead and manage operational incidents and emergencies during degraded and emergency working.

overall responsibility for protecting passengers, other staff the train when deciding which line/s are blocked and making a decision as to which line/s to protect first.

Responsibilities may include communicating with: the signaller, crossing attendant, operations control, other rail industry personnel or the British Transport and the civilian police.

A Train Driver will work shifts that include weekends, evenings and nights.

Make instant complex autonomous decisions during normal, degraded and emergency working.

Check and monitor rail systems effectively, diagnosing and resolving problems upon identification of faults or errors in a timely manner to minimise risk and a delay to services.

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