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The timedatectl command is a new utility for RHEL/Cent OS 7 and Fedora 21 based distributions, which comes as a part of systemd system and service manager, a replacement for old traditional date command used in sysvinit daemon based Linux distributions.

The timedatectl command allows you to query and change the configuration of the system clock and its settings, you can use this command to set or change the current date, time and timezone or enable automatic system clock synchronization with a remote NTP server.

Now that the hard bit is out of the way (installing Ubuntu) you can begin to customize your new operating system.

By default, Ubuntu presents you with a pretty blank canvas with which to personalize your experience.

Some people choose to stick with the chocolate colored background, while others go for a full make over.

In this chapter, we'll take a look at getting up and running with Ubuntu, including a quick tour around the desktop.

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It is important to only work on a solution to one problem at a time; otherwise, you may end up getting no work done whatsoever.

If something breaks as a result of you changing the original file, you can always copy the original back into place using the command like this: (Something as simple as this can really save your bacon, especially when you are under pressure when you've changed something you shouldn't have on a production system.

That is, if you are daft enough to make sweeping changes on a production system!

Remember, Google is your friend, especially which provides a specialized search engine for Linux.

You can also try which browses newsgroup and mailing list archives.

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