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To be nominated for an award medal, write the association and include DOD Form 214 or separation papers and any letter of endorsement of your actions.All wars, conflicts and military operations are eligible.Have your name or loved ones name live on by our Foundation's naming an award in their honor. New Major Projects Planned - Funding Needed 1.) Eternal Flame of Valor for Iraq & Afghanistan Troops 2.) New Memorial Design at Mexico, MO Several new projects are planned funding is needed to complete them.The Exercise Tiger Eternal Flame of Valor for Iraq & Afghanistan Wars is a concept that needs a location, costing in the neighborhood of ,000.Annually the Foundation honors active duty troops with its highly achieved “Adopt A Serviceman” program. Awardees have never been charged, but each trophy, plaque or medal costs way over .00 to produce, make and send.Each April the WWII Battle of Exercise Tiger is honored and remembered. It would be a great honor to include you as a major donor or sponsor, or “angel”. So we ask you to please help us to continue to honor our veterans, civilians, students, and active duty troops.

For Black History Month the United States Exercise Tiger Foundation has debuted the newest award honoring a heroic black Marine Oscar Austin. Our current file system was designed in the early days of Mac, and it has performed beautifully ever since. And a file system is what organizes all that data into files and folders you can access with a click.Over 30 of her 200 soldiers were killed but only 4 USCG personnel were badly wounded The Exercise Tiger Foundation relies on donations grants gifts in kind and other sources to continue to honor our men and women in uniform and those who have served since WWII.If you wish to make a contribution you may do so by sending a money order or check directly to the foundation.

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