Updating source code on a working bind server

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Find Control("no"); Text Box ttitle = (Text Box)row. // SQL Update Command Sql Command Sql Command my Sql Update = new Sql Command("Update bod_Items set inv Item Desc = @description, inv Item Qty = @quantity, inv Item Amt = @amount, inv Item Ser Num = @ser Num where c Inv Num = '" Request. To String() "' and item Num = @item Num", my Connection);//Bound field Text Box txt Quantity = (Text Box)grd Items_edit.

suppose if i have to add the values form the text boxes into sql database what is the coding//codemy Command. Text ""); filldata(); Pradip, Check this code and see if this helps... Controls[0];//template field - Descriptiongrd Items_edit. I has designed the web page with five text boxes and five label boxes with the button. Hai sir, I Have some other doubt while inserting values into rectify it.

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