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If its constant and other people in the area are not having any problems with their service then continue reading.

Try going to your phones “Settings”, then tap “Wireless and Networks” (note: you might have to tap “More networks” depending on the cell phones version of Android), tap “Mobile networks”, then tap “Network operators” and then if available tap on “Search networks”.

Does this happen everywhere and is it a constant issue?

If not and it only happen in specific locations then chances are this issue is due to a poor signal from your wireless network in that area and will be outside of your control.

Just make sure the SIM is nice and clean and that there are no signs of damage.

If someone else in your family or social network has the same service provider as you do then you can also try your SIM card in their phone and there SIM card in your phone to try and pinpoint whether it’s a software or hardware problem.A SIM card or (Subscriber Identity Module) is used by some cell phones to connect or communicate with the phones wireless service provider.SIM cards are not bound to the phone and contain the subscriber’s information including their telephone number and on a side note can also be used by the user to save contacts to as well.So check your SIM, if your phone has one, and make sure that there is no signs of damage and that the connectors are clean.For extra measure you can remove the SIM card and clean off the connectors with a pink eraser.

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